Feature Overview

  • PAPERLESS ORDER/CONTRACT MANAGEMENT for virtual Office technology. Don't search for drawings, contracts, schedules or forms when everyone can view them from their desktop with CargoTRAC. View all of todays orders instantly, know total revenue as it is recorded by the sales front line.
  • POWERFUL PRODUCT CONFIGURATOR develops complex customizable options to your product lines along with accurate cost estimating. Bills of Materials provide the foundation for each cost factor and it is all integrated to your inventory control
  • TRACK CHANGE ORDERS traces revisions and track change orders per order. Know what happened, when it happened, and who made the change.
  • PRODUCT LINE MANAGEMENT controls dealer discounts, options, surcharges by product line. See revenue dollars by product line, summarized by sales agent, dealer or state.
  • AUTOMATE YOUR ENTIRE SALES PROCESS gives your front line sales staff everything they need to take accurate orders. Give your engineering department everthing they need to provide accurate drawings and details. All the way through production and finally the delivery of the finished product, including warranty services, CargoTRAC gives you all the tools you need to increase sales and profit.
  • PRODUCTION PLANNING PROCESS reviews all confirmed orders that have not been scheduled and based on production capacities and parameters set by you, develop a production schedule, packing each day with meaningful and obtainable results.


  • Review all information about each new order as it is electronically transmitted to the corporate database.
  • Record information about each order as production is planned. Assign and delegate work tasks for each order.
  • Request and distribute information about each order using the built in email distribution.
  • Send the order thru design/drafting, sales coordination, engineering, and back to the sales person. Events are logged automatically as the order is moved thru the normal drawing/ revision/ completion cycles.


  • Respond to requests for price quotes coming from both the dealer and corporate sales coordinators.
  • Use the Bill of Material option to build lists of materials for an option and then hit the corporate inventory LIFO/FIFO costing for accurate up-to-date costs of materials.
  • Apply preset markups from the costing category table.
  • Request information from the sales person/builder/draftsman/coordinator using the built in email distribution.
  • Browse thru the history of previous quotes and pull valuable information to help complete the new quote request.
  • Use new Product Configurator to develop totally customizable options


  • Manage and control Service issues as they occur.
  • Service requests may be captured at the front-line and reviewed and logged by corporate service personnel.
  • Log Quality/Discrepancy issues by individual module.
  • Create Material Requisition Sheets as needed
  • Forward/Backward search capability makes problem definition easy.

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